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Synod 2020 update
“Together on the road, becoming the Church we are called to be”

As you know, because of the Covid crisis, the Synod, due to take place last October, was not possible.

However, work on the proposals and suggestions made by our parish and those across the Archdiocese, has continued.

Synod members, including our own parish team, will meet online on 12th & 13th March to hear about and receive the final Synod Proposals, discerned from the many thousands of responses, submitted from the discussions we were able to have in parishes, before the pandemic.


The proposals will be shared with the people of the Archdiocese, and parishes will be invited to vote on those proposals. How this will happen, will be clearer after the March meetings.

For further information about the purpose of Synod and its activity, visit


Alan Horridge, 15/01/2020

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