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The Catholic Community of Skelmersdale is served by three churches and six schools. As one parish we strive to build a living community of family and friends. Together we try to love one another and put into practice the way Jesus taught us to live. We believe that belonging to the Church enriches lives on so many different levels and in so many different ways.

In this family of faith:
Each person is valued

– Each person is welcomed

– Each person is loved





A warm welcome awaits you!









Synod 2020

Synod 2020 will take place in October 2020. This event will see over 400 representatives from across the region come together to shape the future direction of the Archdiocese of Liverpool.

In the lead up to Synod 2020, an ambitious and far-reaching listening project has been undertaken. The aim is to listen widely to people’s views on all aspects of the church. The information gathered will go on to form the basis of proposals put forward at Synod 2020. 
This initiative is the Archdiocese of Liverpool’s biggest consultation project in a generation. It offers a real opportunity for people to help shape the aims and values of our church in our changing world.

Parishioners across the churches in our parish have taken part in this project by completing the Synod 2020 survey, a valuable contribution to a landmark project.
Synod 2020 will mark a key point in the development of the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Liverpool.  Everybody’s contribution through action and prayer, whether a Synod member, responding parishioner or guiding clergy, is vital to its success.

As the Synod central message states, we are:
“Together on the road, Becoming the Church we are called to be."


Update at July 2019 from Fr Philip Inch Synod Moderator

On June 30th the on-line Synod Survey closed. Up to that date 1300 people had filled in the Synod questions online. As well as this the specific youth survey has added another 570 responses.
On July 16th the parish listening sheets all had to be sent to the Synod Office. It is difficult to say how many people the response represented, a cautious estimate is that over 20,000 people have taken part.
What happens with all this listening?
Hope University (under the guidance of Fr Peter McGrail, the Director of the Hope Institute of Pastoral Theology) have been analysing all the data so that it can be taken to the Synod Working Party to discern the next steps on our Synod Journey.
Who is the Synod Working Party?
The Synod Moderators (Fr Philip Inch, Fr Matthew Nunes), Mrs Maureen Knight, (Pastoral Formation) Mrs Debbie Reynolds (SFX pastoral worker), Sr Rachel Duffy FCJ, Miss Kate Wilkinson (school chaplain at All Hallows), Fr Mark Beattie, Fr Stephen Pritchard and Fr Dominic Curran.
What will they do?
On August 15th – 17th the Synod Working Party will gather under the guidance of Fr Eamonn Fitzgibbon and Dr Jessie Rogers (from Limerick Diocese.) They will lead a three day process of discernment and prayer. Fr Peter McGrail will present all the data from the listening that has taken place and after a time of discernment we hope that a number of themes may emerge which indicate the way forward for us on our Synod journey.

Then what?
The themes will be presented to the Synod Members at the September 2020 Synod Gatherings in Wigan (Sept 21st or 25th). These will be presented to the Diocese on Synod Sunday (October 2019) and then each theme will be explored, discussed, examined and prayed about. Synod Members will then be invited to listen to the people of the Archdiocese and then with them discern what proposals should be put forward based on each theme.
What can I do?
Pope Francis continually reminds us that the work of Synodality is the work of the Holy Spirit and if we listen and discern then the voice of God will be heard. At the opening of Synod 2020 in February 2019 Archbishop Malcolm said: “In October 2018 we celebrated the first Synod Sunday. In my Letter for that day I focused on the need to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to us through the life and experience of all the priests, deacons, religious and people of our Archdiocese. It is our duty to discern carefully together what the Spirit is saying to the Church in the Archdiocese, and agree on common directions and actions for the future.”
So prayer is vitally important at this time in our Synod journey, especially on August 15th,16th and 17th. The words of Archbishop Malcolm in February 2019 can be at the heart of our praying: “In convoking the Synod I am calling us to be bold and creative in the task of rethinking the goals, structures, style and methods of evangelisation in our Archdiocesan community with its various parish and ecclesial, religious and social communities.”
Thank you for all that has taken place and please pray as we move to the next steps of Synod 2020
  For full information see   https://synod2020.co.uk/
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